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District 5 Youth Art Contest 

Why Do You Love D5?

2023 Youth Art Contest Winners 

Contest Prompt:

Create a work of art that celebrates the communities, stories, and experiences of District 5 from your own perspective.



Why do you love District 5? (The South side, West side, Downtown, and Midtown)








Submission Period:  

January 9 – February 14 (There is no entry fee)


Age Group:

Kindergarten to 8th Grade



All participants will receive a personalized certificate from Supervisor Grijalva. Finalists will receive a $25 gift card and Winners will receive a $50 gift card and additional prizes.

Contest Rules:

  • Only one original work may be submitted per person

  • All forms of two-dimensional media (pencil/pen, markers, crayon/photography/painting/digital composition, etc.) are encouraged

  • Submissions must adhere to the dimensions of 8.5” by 11”

  • Artwork can be realistic or abstract and must be suitable for all audiences

  • Submitted works will be returned to the school/organizations responsible for youth submissions

  • Works should be clearly identified with artist's name, age, school, and a title if desired

  • Works should be submitted either framed or in a protective sleeve for safety and in order to preserve quality (one will be supplied if needed)

How to Enter:

Students should submit their completed works to their school office or organization to be picked up by D5 staff, or works can be delivered to the District 5 Office at 33 N. Stone, the 11th floor lobby.


Schools and organizations with works to be collected should contact the D5 office at:


Phone: (520) 724-8764

Email: with the subject line “D5 Art Contest Submissions” and CC


Hard copies or originals are preferred, but digital submissions (clear, well-lit scans or photographs) are acceptable.

Evaluation Criteria:

All works will be reviewed by a panel of community members and scored based on the following categories:

  • Response to Prompt

  • Visual Impact

  • Interpretation and Creativity

  • Composition and Design

  • Craftsmanship

  • Criteria


Ten finalists and five overall winners will be selected.


Share the contest Flyer and your completed work! Tag D5 and use the hashtags #D5ARTCONTEST #WHYILOVED5


While there are no limitations on subject matter pertaining to the contest’s theme, students should avoid creating any works with obscenities or profanity.

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