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Welcome to District 5 Digest! Our mission of this newsletter is to demystify the role of local government in our community and keep you up to date with County politics. As a life long resident of District 5 and now as Pima County Supervisor, it has always been vital to our shared community to know what's going on in our community and how everyone can get involved. Please share widely with your community and as always, please reach out to our team at with any questions or concerns. This newsletter will highlight District 5's activities for January 2021. 


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December Photos 

The People of District 5

Youth Spotlight: National Mariachi Vargas Vocal Competition Finalists


Giselle Aubrey:

"I was very grateful and excited to be chosen as a finalist for the National Mariachi Vargas vocal competition. It was an amazing experience, and I felt honored and proud to be there representing Tucson and Mariachi Aztlan de Pueblo High School."


Marisol Duarte:

My experience representing Pueblo High School and Tucson was one to forever carry with me as an amazing experience. Talent is meant to be spread across the world, especially people who participate in the traditions and culture of mariachi music. I was honored to represent Mariachi Aztlan but most of all Tucson and the true beauty and power we hold. Go Pueblo Warriors and viva la gente de Tucson.

If you know a young person in our community who you think should be highlighted, please email and nominate a youth!

Business Spotlight: Calle Tepa


Mother and son, Emma and JorDan, worked for years to create a Tucson favorite — home of the table-side salsa and Best Margarita in Town — Guadalajara Original Grill. Their passion project, Calle Tepa, is a fast-casual Mexican outpost with a street-style twist. The restaurant is inspired by Emma’s childhood growing up in the vibrant culture of Jalisco, Mexico, where the aroma of home cooking filled the air and was always a way of life. Built from these fond memories, the mother and son team wanted to bring this exciting culinary world here for you to enjoy. Calle Tepa, an homage to Tepatitlan where Emma’s mother was raised, is a fresh-from-scratch kitchen, where home-made tortillas are cooked before your eyes, delicious family recipes craft the menu, and the ice-cold beer and specialty margaritas are all part of the experience.

Calle Tepa is located at: 6151 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85711

COVID-19 Updates

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For the most up to date information on COVID-19, vaccinations, boosters, and testing, please visit the Pima County Health Department's website.

Policy Updates

December 7th Board of Supervisors (BOS) Meeting

D5 Item: Information on $1 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

  • At least $5.4 billion is dedicated to Arizona.

  • At the meeting, Supervisor Grijalva asked for status updates on the funds and projects from this bill. She wants to ensure that a fair share of the funds are dedicated to projects in Pima County.

D5 Item: Discussion of utility placement along Scenic Routes

  • Supervisor Grijalva would like the Board to revise code to require undergrounding of utility lines along Scenic Routes during all significant repair of existing overhead lines and poles.

  • Repair and construction of utility poles has been very destructive to native desert vegetation and habitat.

  • Supervisor Scott asked for additional information as well.

  • This item will come back at a future meeting.

D5 Item: Discussion of Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Facility

  • Ethylene Oxide is flammable, explosive, and carcinogenic.

  • Pima County has a limited role in regulating this facility but Supervisor Grijalva wanted to highlight this issue for our community.

Appointments to Legislative Districts 9 and 10

Congratulations to Christopher Mathis and Morgan Abraham!

Supervisor Grijalva did not vote for either candidate because she feels strongly that we need more diverse representation in the state legislature, and advocated for the Board to appoint women.

Investment and renovation of Teatro Carmen

  • This item passed 4-1, with Supervisor Grijalva voting in favor.

  • The County will purchase the property and dedicate $1 million to its renovation and restoration.

Appointment of Jan Lesher, Chief Deputy County Administrator, as Acting County Administrator

  • This item passed unanimously.

Creation of Redistricting Advisory Committee for the redistricting of the Board of Supervisors and Pima Community College Governing Board

  • This item passed unanimously.

Dismissal of employees who work with vulnerable populations and are not vaccinated against COVID-19

  • As of the December 20th, out of the 2,168 employees who were identified as working with vulnerable populations, 239 are full time employees with unconfirmed vaccine status or exemptions. 

  • Of the 239 full time employees, 186 work in the Sheriff's department.

  • A final notice of involuntary termination will be issued no later than December 31, 2021.

  • This item passed 4-1 with Supervisor Grijalva voting in favor.

Retention of Snell & Wilmer to represent Pima County in litigation against the City of Tucson regarding differential water rates

  • This item passed 3-2, with Supervisor Grijalva voting against it.

  • While Supervisor Grijalva does not agree with the way that the differential water rates were applied, she believes that the City is within its rights to impose differential rates.

December 21st  BOS Meeting

Countywide Mask Mandate - Indoor Public Places

  • This will require people to wear face coverings when they are in indoor public places and cannot easily maintain physical distance of at least 6 feet from all other persons.

  • This was at the recommendation of the Pima County Health Department.

  • This item passed 3-2, with Supervisor Grijalva voting in favor.

  • Chair Bronson and Supervisor Heinz also voted in favor.

Revision to personnel policy - special leaves of absence with pay

  • This item would provide 100 percent of regular pay to employees on parental leave for six continuous work weeks within the first 12 weeks after the birth or adoption of a child.

  • This item passed 4-1, with Supervisor Grijalva voting in favor. 

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Women's Spotlight: Cecilia Avalos
A section to celebrate important women in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona State, United States.

  • Born in Jerome, AZ

  • Graduated with a master's degree in early childhood education from the University of Arizona

  • Presented with a Copper Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the city from Mayor George Miller for "25 years of giving your time, energy and spirit to the children of Tucson" 

  • Creator of TUSD's Parent and Child Education (PACE) program in 1971 based on her belief in the importance of parent involvement

  • Children's book author

Information from Cecilia Avalos | Women's Plaza of Honor (


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