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Welcome to District 5 Digest! Our mission of this newsletter is to demystify the role of local government in our community and keep you up to date with County politics. As a life long resident of District 5 and now as Pima County Supervisor, it has always been vital to our shared community to know what's going on in our community and how everyone can get involved. Please share widely with your community and as always, please reach out to our team at with any questions or concerns. 


Stay safe,



Policy Updates in April

Program for Eviction Defense in Pima County Approved

  • This would allow up to 2 million dollars to provide legal services for people facing evictions in court to have legal representation to have an attorney represent them before the judge

  • In addition, Pima County will create a system to track the name of the tenant and landlord so Pima County could follow up to offer support and ensure that there is a reduction of cases going to eviction court

Establishing Better Communication with Tribal Nations

  • The Board voted unanimously on March 2nd to establish regular meetings with the Pasqua Yaqui and Tohono O'odham Councils to ensure a clear line of communication regarding issues pertaining to both jurisdictions

Vaccinations for Pima County Employees

  • The Board decided to not require COVID-19 vaccinations for all employees, but to provide incentives encouraging them to get vaccinated

Pima County Board approved transportation expenditures to bring asylum seekers to Casa Alitas

  • Federal agencies currently are not transporting asylum seekers more than 30 miles from the apprehension point. The Board voted to have the County transport them on to the Casas Alitas shelter in Tucson and other safe places for them to stay temporarily while arranging longer-term accommodations

  • People are being dropped off in the middle of Ajo and Yuma and those communities do not currently have the capacity to help

  • Improved communication with the Border Patrol are needed

  • This is not a crisis but the Board’s goal is to keep families together

  • Many asylum seekers are family units so the goal is to remain as humane as possible 

Photos & Media from March

April Plática with Adelita:
The American Rescue Plan

COVID 19 Updates

COVID vaccine sites.png

There are various ways to receive your COVID vaccine, please refer to the above graphic regarding where you can sign up. For the most up to date information on how to schedule your COVID 19 vaccine, please visit


COVID 19 Testing 

  • Testing has gone down, however, CDC guidelines and the Health Department has stated that testing and vaccines go hand in hand in ensuring we continue to keep track of the spread of COVID 19 in our community 

FEMA site coming to Pima County! 

  • With FEMA assistance, Pima County is projecting more than 500,000 Pima County residents fully vaccinated by the end of April

  • Pima County was ranked 3rd in the nation for reaching undeserved communities with vaccines.  Special thanks to the Pop-up sites for their efforts.  Supervisor Grijalva has volunteered at five pop-up vaccine clinics and has been very impressed with outreach!

Masks still required in  Pima County

  • Although Governor Ducey has lifted the statewide mask mandate, Pima County will continue to enforce the mask mandate until herd immunity is reached

For the most up to date information on COVID 19, vaccinations, and testing, please visit the Pima County Health Department's website.

The People of District 5

Youth Spotlight: Daniela Caballero Castro


Daniela Caballero Castro is a senior at Desert View High School. She has been involved in her school's student council since she was in 6th grade and is currently the student body secretary and the Vice President of National Honor Society. Daniela has been heavily involved in her community for many years, she is on the Superintendent Advisory Council for the Sunnyside district, as well as currently being the first intern for Adelita Grijalva's office. Daniela is going to the University of Arizona to study Political Science and Law, she is hoping to become a lawyer to help immigrant families as well as one day run for office. Congratulations, Daniela!


If you know a young person in our community who you think should be highlighted, please visit and nominate a youth!

Business Spotlight: Coffee Times


Coffee Times is Tucson’s original locally-owned, family operated double drive-thru coffee shop. We’ve been at the same location, 3401 E. Speedway Blvd., since 1999. Our crew is as diverse as our menu, with the most highly trained, personable, and professional baristas of ANY coffee shop in Tucson. When the line starts growing, our crew simply puts it into high gear, but always with the quality our customers both expect and deserve.

Get to Know Your County Government

Most people don’t deal much with their county government unless they’re getting a birth certificate, paying taxes, or interacting with the Sheriff’s office. The County Board of Supervisors, however, is a critical entity in county government. They are the policy making body of a county and have powers as a county and powers of the board that they are responsible for.  Throughout our digest issues we will share some tidbits about the Arizona Revised Statutes that are the guidelines for county governments in Arizona. 


What else is included in Chapter 2 of Title 11?  

  • Article 3, Solely focuses on the Clerk of the Board, who is very similar to a City Clerk and has many of the same duties 

  • Article 4 shows a more detailed list of all the powers of the Board of Supervisors 

  • Article 5 outline the authority of the Board to direct building projects for the County and details that bonds can be used to cover costs 

  • This chapter also covers medical facilities, care of indigents, healthcare which are major services that the County provides and funds.  

  • Article 9 delineates the building permitting process, while Article 10 defines and discusses the county employee merit system. 


Women's History Spotlight
A section to celebrate important women in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona State, United States.


Carmen Soto de Vasquez

  • 1861-1934 

  • Brought Spanish language arts to Tucson with the opening of El Teatro Carmen 

  • Supported a Nogales orphanage and adopted at least three children. ​

  • Invited well-known Spanish and Mexican performers to come to Tucson and develop a following outside of their country and among Tucson's Hispanic population. 

  • Was inducted into the Arizona Women's Hall of Fame in 1984. 

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