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Welcome to District 5 Digest! Our mission of this newsletter is to demystify the role of local government in our community and keep you up to date with County politics. As a life long resident of District 5 and now as Pima County Supervisor, it has always been vital to our shared community to know what's going on in our community and how everyone can get involved. Please share widely with your community and as always, please reach out to our team at with any questions or concerns. 


Stay safe,



Policy Updates in January


County Administrator Chuck  Huckelberry Contract Has Been Renewed

  • Noteworthy updates to contract: the contract was renewed with a $10,000 reduction to salary, the board will implement a culture and climate survey with all Pima County staff, severance pay has been reduced to 3 months from 6 months, any increase to salary will be based on an evaluation with measurable metrics based on the culture and climate survey.


Multijurisdictional COVID 19 Meeting

  • The Board of Supervisors voted to hold a joint meeting between the Board of Supervisors and cities and towns that reside in Pima County to discuss efforts to address the COVID 19 pandemic such as mask use, curfews, testing, etc. Working closely together to coordinate these efforts is vital to ending this pandemic. The date(s) for these meetings are to be determined.


Meet and Confer Process

  • Meet and confer in Pima County, is a process in which a representative of the union representing County employees and of the County's administration meet over a period of time each year to determine if, and if so how the two parties' Memorandum of Understanding needs to be modified. 

  • In January, the Board of Supervisors voted to improve this process.

First Month in Office

swearing in.png

January 2nd, Supervisor Betty Villegas swore in Adelita Grijalva to the office of Pima County Board of Supervisors District 5! Adelita Grijalva is the first elected Latina woman to hold a seat on the Pima County Board of Supervisors and Betty Villegas is the first Latina woman to serve on the Board!

Thank you Supervisor Betty Villegas for your service to the residents of District 5!


A beautiful and fitting tribute to the late Supervisor Richard Elías. The Mission Library has been named the Richard Elías-Mission Library. We miss you Richard! Resist. Much love.


Bell ringing took place January 8 to commemorate the 10-year Anniversary of Shooting

160101_January 8 Memorial Tour 1_11 WEB.

Photos & Media from January

January Plática with Adelita:
Honoring Martin Luther King Jr's Legacy

COVID 19 Updates

For the most up to date information on COVID 19, vaccinations, and testing, please visit the Pima County Health Department's website.

Get to know your Supervisor


Fun Facts about Supervisor Adelita Grijalva:

The People of District 5

Youth Spotlight: Maritza Alday


Maritza has been appointed as "America's National Miss Arizona Junior teen 2021-2022"! She is in 6th grade and goes to St. Josephs Catholic School.


Her platform as Miss Arizona Junior teen is to help frontline heroes and youth on their own. She chose this platform because she was able to see for herself the work her older brother does in Healthcare, and how stressful and mentally draining it has been for all Healthcare Heroes during this pandemic. As for youth on their own, she wants to be able to help them stay in school, have a group home or a home to 

go to, where their is stability, food, clothing and simply someone to love them and show support for them. Without our community, this would not be possible


In her free time she loves spending time with her friends, she's a all star cheerleader at Pinnacle Athletics and dances folklorico  at Viva Performing Art Center.


Her advice to all youth is get involved in something you love! Follow your dreams, and remember sky's the limit, but most importantly, always stay in school!

If you know a young person in our community who you think should be highlighted, please email their information to us at!

Business Spotlight: Barrio Books


We promote cultural representation for all ages and carry a great selection of hidden
gems as well as well known authors and titles in both English and Spanish. We promote the sacred knowledge of our

cultura and of our beautiful community.


On January 2nd, 2021 we opened our Brick and Mortar location in a partnership with Hotel McCoy. Today, we stay true to our vision as well as expand our inventory to other POC authors, Best Sellers and Local Authors.

February Updates

Resources from the Conversation: 

Upcoming Events in February

February 16th: Board of Supervisors Meeting

February 8th-28th: Pima Animal Care Center Adoption Promotion

February 9-11, 16-18, &23-25: 8am-12pm Food Distribution


Get to Know Your County Government


Fun Fact about Pima County: Did you know that Pima County was one of the 4 original counties of Arizona? The original four counties were: Mohave, Yuma, Pima and Yavapai.

Most people don’t deal much with their county government unless they’re getting a birth certificate, paying taxes, or interacting with the Sheriff’s office. The County Board of Supervisors, however, is a critical entity in county government. They are the policy making body of a county and have powers as a county and powers of the board that they are responsible for.  Throughout our digest issues we will share some tidbits about the Arizona Revised Statutes that are the guidelines for county governments in Arizona. 


Facts about Arizona Revised Statues 

  • Effective on January 9, 1956 

  • Updated Annually through Legislative Sessions 

  • Currently 49 Titles 

  • Title 11 specifically outlines the power and authority of counties.  

  • 3 Titles have been Repealed 

Women's History Spotlight
A section to celebrate important women in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona State, United States.

Josephine Brawley Hughes 


  • Ran the Arizona Daily Star, when husband became AZ Governor 

  • Founded the Arizona Suffrage Association 

  • Teacher in Tucson’s only public school for girls 

  • Helped found the Arizona Suffrage Association

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