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Welcome to District 5 Digest! Our mission of this newsletter is to demystify the role of local government in our community and keep you up to date with County politics. As a life long resident of District 5 and now as Pima County Supervisor, it has always been vital to our shared community to know what's going on in our community and how everyone can get involved. Please share widely with your community and as always, please reach out to our team at with any questions or concerns. This newsletter will highlight District 5's activities for August 2021.


Stay safe,


Photos & Media

The People of District 5

Youth Spotlight: Audrey Jimenez

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 Audrey Jimenez is a Tucson native and a sophomore at Sunnyside High School. She started wrestling at 11 years old and is Sunnyside’s first girls state champion. She’s a 14U and Cadet National Champion, as well as the U15 Pan American Champion and Cadet Worlds bronze medalist. Audrey was introduced to wrestling by her Tio, Anthony Birchak, four-and-a-half years ago.  Audrey is grateful for her very supportive family and friends. Although wrestling keeps her busy she loves to spend time with loved ones and has picked up crocheting as a hobby. Wrestling has taught her that discipline, consistency, and full effort will help her succeed in anything she wants to accomplish. Her hopes are to keep a 4.0 throughout high school and get a scholarship to a good college. Audrey is looking into studying to be a physical therapist or sports psychologist.

Congrats Audrey!


If you know a young person in our community who you think should be highlighted, please visit and nominate a youth!

Business Spotlight: BK Carne Asada & Hot Dogs


BK Carne Asada and Hot Dogs is a local business with two locations in Tucson: 2680 N. 1st Ave. and 5118 S. 12th Ave. Owner Benny Galaz is a generous sponsor to the community.  Throughout the pandemic, Mr. Galaz has done everything he could to keep business open while protecting his staff and our community.  BK’s was recently featured on the news for delivering free food to the overworked healthcare staff at St. Mary’s hospital.  Their menu includes more than their deliciously famous hot dogs. Tacos, tortas, sopas and  vegetarian options are on the menu all prepared over mesquite fire, which has been a custom of this territory.  

Go visit BK’s!  You’ll definitely thank us!

COVID-19 Updates

There are various ways to receive your COVID-19 vaccine. For the most up to date information on how to get vaccinated, please visit

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COVID-19 cases in Pima County.

An Evolving Situation 

  • Pima County is now in the high transmission category according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

  • Arizona surpasses milestone of 1 million COVID-19 cases (article from the Arizona Daily Star)

  • As of last week, our COVID-19 case count was up 2065 from the previous week

    • Cases in the 0-11 age group increased by 340 from the week before​

    • Cases in the 20-44 age group represent 41 percent of the increase in cases from one week to the next

  • The majority of COVID-19 cases in schools are students aged 0-11

    • As of August 27th, 550 school-related cases since July are students in that age range

  • The school districts that have implemented mask mandates (Amphi, Catalina, Marana, Sunnyside, and TUSD) are experiencing lower infection rates

  • As of August 31st, there were only 6 COVID-19 pediatric hospital admissions

  • As of August 27th, 63.1 percent of those twelve and older have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine 

    • Only 50 percent of Pima County residents aged 20-29 are vaccinated​ with at least one dose

    • 53 percent of those aged 15-19 are vaccinated with at least one dose

    • 30 percent of those aged 10-14 are already vaccinated with at least one dose

  • The Pfizer vaccine has been fully approved by the FDA

Pima County COVID-19 News

  • People must wear a mask when entering county buildings, regardless of vaccination status 

  • New hires must be fully vaccinated within 30 days of employment

COVID-19 Testing and Vaccines

COVID Vaccine sites.png

For the most up to date information on COVID-19, vaccinations, and testing, please visit the Pima County Health Department's website.

Policy Updates

COVID-19 Items

Vaccine Incentives

  • All employees of Pima County with at least one dose of a COVID vaccine (or Johnson & Johnson) by September 7th will receive $300 each

  • This passed 3-2, with Supervisor Grijalva voting in favor

Pima County to Support Local School Districts Choosing to Require Face Masks

  • The Board of Supervisors voted to provide legal assistance to those school districts who choose to require face masks

  • Supervisor Grijalva voted in favor, and this measure passed 4-1

Mask Mandates for K-12 Schools

  • There has been a significant increase in pediatric cases and outbreaks at schools, helping push Pima County into the high transmission category

  • Supervisor Grijalva voted in favor of this measure, but it failed 3-2

Proclamation of an Emergency in Pima County Due to COVID-19 – Not Adopted

  • A resolution declaring a state of emergency, considering the rise in positive COVID cases, would have sent a clear message about our current public health situation

  • Ultimately this item failed 3-2, with Supervisor Grijalva voting in favor

Virtual Board of Supervisors Meetings

  • The Board of Supervisors will continue to meet virtually

  • COVID-19 cases continue to increase, and it is not possible to distance safely on the dais 

Other Items

Resolution in Opposition to  I-11 Western Route through Avra Valley

  • This interstate would be environmentally destructive, a public health risk, bad for local business, and reduce quality of life for Pima County residents overall

  • This item passed 4-1, with Supervisor Grijalva voting in favor 

RTA(Regional Transportation Authority) PAG (Pima  Association of Governments) Weighted Voting

  • This item proposed weighted voting on the RTA and PAG decision-making boards

  • The City of Tucson does not have voting representation proportionate to its population

  • Supervisor Grijalva voted in favor, but this item failed

Pima County plan for $203,421,688 in American Rescue Plan Act Funds

  • This is a summary of proposed spending in response to negative economic impacts, promoting public health, and revenue replacement, to mitigate the effects of COVID-19

  • This plan is subject to change

  • It includes investment in the Emergency Eviction Legal Services Program and Early Childhood Education

  • This item passed 4-1 with Supervisor Grijalva voting in favor

Tax Cost Shift

  • The state has shifted roughly $90 million in funding responsibilities to the county

  • These cost shifts include Superior/Juvenile Court salaries and benefits

  • This change will be reflected in a 5.73 cent increase in primary property tax rate to neutralize said cost shifts and taxpayers will be advised in writing that this is a result of State cost transfers

Differential Water Rates

  • The Board of Supervisors recommends that the City revise its differential water rate and participate in a cost of service study to introduce a “just and reasonable” policy

  • The Board also recommends the establishment of a Water Sustainability Fund and the purchase of “drought insurance”

  • Supervisor Grijalva believes that working in collaboration with the city is vital to the creation a sustainable future for our region

Pima County Cancels Funding of Arizona Bowl Due to Barstool Title Sponsorship

  • The founder of Barstool, David Portnoy, made sexist comments online and to various news sources

  • At the next meeting, the board will vote on the reallocation of $38,156 in funds

  • This item passed 4-1

AG Recap Video Cover (2).png

Women's History Spotlight: Ethel Maynard
A section to celebrate important women in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona State, United States.

  • 1905-1980

  • Worked as a nurse at TMC and Tucson District 1

  • Attended the Democratic Women Leaders Conference in D.C. in 1958

  • Member of the NAACP, and active on the Tucson Planned Parenthood Council

  • Founder of the Safford Area Council of the Tucson Committee for Economic Opportunity

  • First Black woman elected to the Arizona Legislature 

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