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The District 5
Youth Art Gallery

            Understanding how art, creativity, and community go hand-in-hand is a crucial element in raising young people to be conscientious, engaged, and expressive. This was one of the many reasons why I wanted District 5 to host our first ever Youth Art Contest, and asked participants to answer our question: Why Do You Love D5?

            As we saw from the wonderful submissions that we received, artistic compositions can touch on compelling social issues, individual perspectives, and wider community stories, and young artists have legitimate voices to add to those conversations. The young people in District 5 have the potential to use their talents in the arts to help change the world, and our District, for the better!

            I hope you enjoy scrolling through our Youth Art Gallery and discovering just some of the talented artists of the future!

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“The future of every community lies in capturing the passion, imagination, and resources 

of its people.”

–  Dr. Ernesto Sirolli


D5 Youth Art Contest Winners

D5 Youth Art Contest Finalists

D5 Youth Art Contest Participants