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Explore District 5
Somos D5 We are D5

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Hi friends! Pima County's District 5 (D5) is rich in culture, history and the natural beauty of our Sonoran Desert. We are home to part of the Tucson Mountain Park and the Saguaro National Park, as well as many neighborhood parks.


We have so much public art and historical treasures in our district and put together a map of just a few of them for you! Whether you’re an avid hiker, an art enthusiast, or just trying to find a way to socialize outdoors, there is something for you. 

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Need more ideas to go outdoors?

Check out the Explore D5 map of places to visit!


Looking to be social? Here are a few recurring monthly events.


District 5 & FUGA Tucson Bicicleteada Del Sur, January 28th 2022


Looking for a park?

Midvale Neighborhood Association Back to School Event, 2021

Looking for places to go bike riding?

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Looking for a hiking trail?


Volunteer for organizations protecting the environment!



​It doesn’t have to be anything fancy! Take your dog for a walk in D5, visit a mural, or have a picnic! It doesn't matter who you are or where you're going, you are D5 and this community belongs to all of us. 

Why Explore D5? & More Ways to Get Involved!

Explore D5 is meant to encourage everyone to get outdoors, especially in our own community! In the District 5 Strategic Planning Process, our committee highlighted the importance of getting outdoors and making it accessible for everyone in our community to do so. That's why D5 is created the Explore D5 map and web page detailing both the well-loved and hidden treasures in our community. This includes cultural, historical, and natural sites in D5. We want to make sure that they are accessible to everyone. These streets, la calle, the outdoors, belong to all of us. 

We will also continue to partner with local sustainability, accessibility, and neighborhood groups to provide outdoor opportunities for the D5 community. Alternative modes of transportation to be as safe as possible is also critical in this effort. The more bicyclists out on the road, the safer the road will be for bicyclists! We encourage you to bike, walk, or use public transit to get to work or school. Check out the City of Tucson website for more information!

If you make use of the map or any resources on this page, please tag us by using @supgrijalva on Facebook & Twitter, and @adelitasgrijalva on Instagram. You can also use the hashtags #ExploreD5 #SomosD5 #WeAreD5

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at

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