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June 2024

Hi friends,

Pima County is in full summer mode-- the Summer Solstice has arrived and, along with it, we've welcomed our first taste of the monsoon, providing a very welcome break from the heat! Despite the high temperatures, though, our community has come together for several significant purposes throughout the month-- including to celebrate Pride Month, Juneteenth, Día de San Juan, and World Refugee Day. We are fortunate to live in such a diverse and engaged community that embraces what makes each of us a part of this special place and it is great to see how we are able to collaborate, learn, and grow from each other and our beautiful environment. A reminder that there are plenty of ways to stay safe and to brave our Tucson summers-- whether it's staying cool or protecting your house from flooding, Pima County offers a variety of resources, including Heat Awareness and Sandbag Stations, for you to check out to ensure that your summer goes as smoothly as possible! As always, we are here to serve our community so please feel free to reach out to our office at anytime and follow us on social media to stay updated on what we are up to. 



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A big shout-out to the hundreds of students who have spent the past month at the mariachi camps offered by Tucson Unified School District and Sunnyside Unified School District developing performing skills, mariachi music, and how to play in a group! Whether you're a seasoned player or you've never picked up an instrument, there's room for everyone to hone their talents at these camps. These young musicians and their instructors are great examples of how to enjoy your summer break while still learning and growing! 





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Photo courtsey of J-Charcoal Entertainment

It's the season for summertime parties, family gatherings, and vacations-- and no better way to celebrate than by capturing special moments and memories with a photobooth! Owned by Marco and Victoria Romero, J-Charcoal Entertainment is one of D5's great small businesses and hosts photo booths and 360 Video booths that add a fun touch to any event! 

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Photo taken during the 2024 Pride Open House at Bread & Roses

Bread & Roses, Tucson's only LGBTQ+-affirming crisis transitional center for unsheltered youths, serves a crucial purpose for some of the most vulnerable in our community who are struggling to find safety, resources, assistance, and acceptance. The shelter, operated by Old Pueblo Community Services, has provided a range of services, including therapy, substance misuse counseling, housing navigation, and health care access, as well as facilitated connections, built foundations, and provided a shelter that has helped hundreds of LGBTQ+ young adults thrive.


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Every month, D5 will be highlighting an accomplishment that directly meets the goals and priorities of our Somos D5 Strategic Plan.

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During the June 4th Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board voted to approve requirements for heat protection and safety measures for all Pima County employees, especially those who work in departments or positions that put them most at risk for heat-related illnesses. This initiative, sponsored by the D5 office, is a great representation of how all of the main pillars in our Somos D5 plan overlap. By protecting and enhancing our employees and their workplaces and offering resources and information about how to be safe during the hottest time of the year, this goal contributes to having a healthier and safe community. Even as we are working towards policy changes that address climate change and ever-increasing temperatures, it's important to protect those serving our community every day. 

 Check out our Somos D5 Strategic Plan webpage to learn more about each of our priorities or click the button below to dowload our complete Strategic Plan!


Juneteenth in Pima County

There were so many opportunities to recognize Juneteenth this year! Great work by the Tucson Juneteenth Festival Committee for organizing a week full of events-- including dances, a gospel concert, youth speaking programs, and arts and culture, leading up to the 54th Annual Juneteenth Festival! This holiday is a time of joy, reflection, and empowerment and a chance for all of us to stand together in solidarity, uplift one another, honor the past, celebrate the present, and continue to strive towards a future where every person is truly free. 

Pascua Yaqui Tribal Council Inauguration Celebration

It was a pleasure for District 5 to join the 2024 Inaugural Ceremony for the new Pascua Yaqui Tribal Council. It was a beautiful evening with the monsoon rain to help welcome the new council. Congratulations to Chairman Julian Hernandez, Vice-Chairman Peter S. Yucupicio, Treasurer Thomas Cupis, Interim Secretary Rosa Soto Alvarez, and Council Members Rolando Flores, Herminia Frias, Gloria Alvarez Gomez, Andrea L. Gonzales, Francisco Munoz, Irene R. Sanchez, and Jose-Enrique Saldaña!


Housing and Urban Development Press Conference

Honored to be invited to speak at a press conference, hosted by Mayor Regina Romero, with Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Richard Monocchio for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Public and Indian Housing, during the HUD team’s visit to Tucson. With attendance from local, state, and federal partners, this event was a great reminder of the importance of collaboration and working together to make sure that everyone in our community is safe and healthy— no matter what the temperature is or where they live.

Día de San Juan

Feliz Día de San Juan, Tucson! On June 24th, the community came out to the beautiful Mission Garden to welcome the start of the monsoon season. Thank you to the Menlo Park Neighborhood Association, especially Liza Grant, for carrying on the tradition of this annual event— a favorite for our office! This year, our monsoon has started already and it made it even more special to see the garden thriving and some water in the Santa Cruz. Here’s to a great monsoon season!

TUSD 2024 Summer Graduation

Honored to celebrate with the 2024 TUSD Summer Graduates during their commencement ceremony! Sharing a few words and shaking the hands of the 140 graduates was a privilege. Congratulations to the graduates of the Class of 2024!

Sunnyside Freshman Experience

As the daughter of two proud Sunnyside High School graduates, it was so great to talk with 150 of the newest Blue Devils at Sunnyside High School during their Freshman Experience— glad to speak a little about the importance of education, community involvement, and learning new things in high school and beyond! Go Blue Devils!

Alcance Electoral en Español 

I was happy to join Save Our Schools Arizona and sit on a panel to discuss the importance of outreach to our Spanish speaking community. It's always fantastic to share space with wonderful leaders in our community like Councilmember Lane Santa Cruz and Sylvia Gonzalez, Airforce Veteran and activist, to learn more about the work our community is doing to ensure accessibility and inclusivity for our neighbors.

Rose Neighborhood Association Cleanup

Thank you/gracias to everyone who showed up for the cleanup with the Rose Neighborhood Association and spent two hours cleaning up trash and landscaping parts of the neighborhood! Glad to help out and great to have representatives from Cooper Center for Environmental Learning (Camp Cooper) and Barrio Restoration being a part of the effort. Awesome to see what happens when coalitions come together to improve our community! 

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