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March 2024

Hi friends,

We've been enjoying some beautiful weather this March! It's been an incredible Springtime here in Tucson and it's been great to see how green our desert has been during this season of new growth, optimism, and rejuvenation. In many ways, this season has been a great representation of just how busy we have been this month in District 5! In March, we celebrated Women's History Month and the César Chávez and Dolores Huerta Holiday. As a Latina majority office, D5 is proud to share the memories and legacies of the many strong women and activists who have paved the way for us to serve in this role. There has also been another theme for many of the events that we've been able to attend this month-- about strength, storytelling, defining narratives, sharing memories, and reconstructing how our community understands itself. Our office's mission and vision call on us to maintain a vision of hope for future generations through a healthy, thriving community. It is always an honor to participate in events that share that same perspective and it is encouraging that there are so many who continue to recognize the progress that we have made, as well as the work that needs to continue. Hopefully our weather stays cool and our deserts look lush and green for a bit longer, and the drive for progress and the improvement of our community continues to move us forward!  As always, we are here to serve, so please feel free to reach out to our office at anytime and follow us on social media for daily updates.



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César Chávez Month

César Chávez Month in Tucson is always such a wonderful time of the year-- from community gatherings and school events to school presentations and educational opportunities, so many are out celebrating César Chávez, Dolores Huerta, and all of the people who, throughout the decades, championed safe, healthy, and improved conditions for workers everywhere. 

The annual César Chávez and Dolores Huerta Holiday Coalition March and Rally at Rudy Garcia Park and Davis Bilingual's annual César Chávez March were so well done! It is great that Davis Bilingual inspires our young students to learn the history of the movements that have shaped our world for the better and the Coalition's efforts to recognize this holiday are unparalleled. 

Thank you to Governor Hobbs for sharing a Proclamation honoring César Chávez Day in Arizona alongside members of the Chávez family! This is the very first time that a Govenor and the state of Arizona have recognized César Chávez Day and it was an honor to be included in the celebration. 

Our community really knows how to show up to continue advocating for a better world and it is an honor to celebrate the lives and legacies of all those who came before and those who to continue working to make our community a better place for everyone.


¡Si se puede! 



Newsletter Spotlights (54).png

Melany Arlyn Gonzalez was born and raised in South Tucson, Arizona in a Hispanic immigrant household. From a young age, Melany became a passionate leader through her family and community, set on to becoming a business owner. However, before Melany started her freshman year of high school, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and she also faced difficulties due to her parents' immigration status. This greatly affected her education, as well as finding out who she was called to be as a person. As Melany became a Sophomore at her high school, she refused to allow the aftermath of the pandemic and hardship to affect her any longer and joined a college prep program, Upward Bound, during her early years of high school. This program allowed Melany to grow as a person by growing in confidence and maturity. She acquired the skills of open-mindset, leadership, determination, and social skills. Through this program she was introduced to another program in the summer of 2023, the Business Career Awareness Program, held by the University of Arizona’s business school, Eller College of Management. Through this program, Melany received more experience and knowledge of the business field where she then became set on entrepreneurship as a career. Now as a Senior at Cholla High School and a soon-to-be college freshman at the University of Arizona, Melany is excited and determined to continue her education and accomplish her dreams and goals of pursuing a successful future.

Felicidades, Melany!




Newsletter Spotlights (51).png

Photo taken of the corner of Old Town Artisans

Want to get a sense of the rich history and unique tastes of Tucson? Visit Old Town Artisans, a group of eclectic shops occupying a block of historic adobe row buildings on the edge of El Presidio Neighborhood, one of Tucson's oldest neighborhoods. Old Town Artisans offers a range galleries, markets, vintage offerings, and other tempting merchants, featuring local artisans and small business owners. Be sure to stop by and check them out for your next taste of Tucson! 

Newsletter Spotlights (52).png

Photo courtesy of Rikki Riojas

Rikki Riojas is the Board President of Los Descendientes de Tucson and a Co-Director for the Mexican American Heritage and History Museum. She also serves as one of the D5 representatives on the Tucson Pima County Historical Commission and has worked to create sustainable and equitable relationships with community members that help elevate the deep history and knowledge of the barrios and in our community. Her unique perspective on community service and dedication to historical preservation and enhancement are so impressive. Thank you, Rikki, for your advocacy for our shared histories and futures! 


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Every month, D5 will be highlighting an accomplishment that directly meets the goals and priorities of our Somos D5 Strategic Plan.

  • We could not be more proud of all 307 artists who submitted amazing works of art to our 3rd Annual D5 Youth Art Contest, celebrating why they love our community! It is wonderful to see, from their own perspective, what some of our youngest members of D5 value about the special place in which we live. Our annual youth art contest is definitely one of the biggest events that we organize all year, but, as our Strategic Plan reminds us, it is important that our office continues to amplify the voices and perspectives of everyone in our community-- including our young folks! It's a privilege to be able to help them recognize at an early age how unique our region is, and why it's important to preserve, enhance, and protect it for their futures. Special kudos to our Winners, Finalists, and Judge's Highlights! Want to check out all of this year's submissions? Visit our Youth Art Gallery to see all of the beautiful submissions we received! Felicidades to all of our young D5 artists!

 Check out our Somos D5 Strategic Plan webpage to learn more about each of our priorities or click the button below to dowload our complete Strategic Plan!


Speaking with University Physiology Students

It was wonderful to speak to University of Arizona students today in their Current Topics in Physiology class about ongoing environmental challenges that effect Southern Arizona communities disproportionately and the role government plays in mitigating and advocating against these issues. Thank you Professor Lucinda Rankin for inviting me.

Arizona List 20th Anniversary Celebration

A beautiful day to celebrate women in positions of power! Happy 20th Anniversary to Arizona List— it was an honor to be included as one of the 20 elected women who are 'Changing Arizona'. It was incredible to hear from both First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and Maya Harris! Thank you for the inspiring words that you shared with us. It was also very exciting to have the chance to be at the Tucson International Airport on the tarmac to welcome First Lady Dr. Jill Biden to Tucson! It was an extra special experience that I was able to greet our First Lady with my daughter. Women make change happen! #womenhistorymonth 

Mapping Chicana Mexicana Voices Seminar

Honored to be asked and represent Arizona at the one-day symposium Mapping Chicana/Mexicana Voices in the Borderlands, discussing digital humanities, oral history, and women's activism in Texas and Arizona. It's critical to tell our own stories and it was a privilege to hear the journey of these amazing Chicanas. Si se puede! #mappingmujeres

Pueblo High School Presentation

Thank you to TUSD's MASS Department and Pueblo High School for inviting me to speak with students about the importance of César Chavez & Dolores Huerta, and how their legacies in social justice and community organizing can be an inspiration for making change in the issues they care about today. It’s always a great time visiting my alma mater and talking to the students. #sisepuede #PROUD2BTUSD

Reclaiming the Border Narrative: Digital Archive Launch

An honor to help celebrate the digital archive of “Reclaiming the Border Narrative: Storytelling and Cultural Power for Migrant Justice” with The University of Arizona Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry and the University of Arizona Libraries Special Collections! This event, focusing on the launch of an archive of community submissions telling and retelling the authentic, lived, multidimensional stories of the borderlands to reshape the narratives around the legacies of migration and cultures, was a powerful reminder of how so many voices and perspectives have been ignored for too long.

Pima County Print Shop Tour

Great to tour Pima County’s Print Shop! We learned more about the great work they do in producing materials for the public. Everything from our D5 coloring books, stickers, signs, business cards, banners, and more can be found in our community helping share the great work and resources Pima County has to offer. Thank you to the Print Shop team for showing us around!

Jewish Latino Teen Coalition Visit

Glad to spend some time with The Jewish-Latino Teen Coalition to chat about youth engagement, advocacy, and the importance of them being able to share their perspective on policy and community issues! It was great to hear about their interests, including politics and food insecurity, and to discuss the roles of school board member and a Pima County Supervisor and the work that each role plays in the community.

Tumerico Visit

It was great to visit a very well-known D5 business, Tumerico, which has become even more famous since it was recognized as being the Number One place to eat in the U.S. according to Yelp! Thank you to Chef-Owner Wendy Garcia and the employees at Tumerico and La Chaiteria for your hospitality, delicious food, and putting Tucson and District 5 businesses on the map! 

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